Saturday, December 25, 2010 and recieving..

I had a secret santa at I made my person a Nirvana pillow..since they like Nirvana. I recieved the red bag from my secret's amongst the following photos of gifts I got this year.

The drawing of the deer with the colored background is just a little something I did at work when I had a free minute..

These gifts are from friends and family...mostly chocolates, scarves and tea-themed trinkets. I didn't ask for much..the only thing I wanted was for my parents to help out with paying for college.'s my gift haul!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An update of sorts..

What's been going on in the forest recently? Well there's been a bit of snowfall so all the branches are adorned with glitter (snow) and from their limbs hang unicorn horns (icicles).

I also met up with Xenia/ Doe Deere of LimeCrime Makeup again. This time at Space NK in the Manhattan Bloomie's.

After my makeover. I got a classic "smokey eye" and a Retrofuturist pout.

An adorable lady-bug coat "spotted" at Rockefeller center. Did I mention that the tree is from my hometown this year?

A close up of my eye makeup at the end of the day. It really stayed on thanks to her candy-eyed primer. The lipstick kinda went away though...due to eating delicious soup dumplings for dinner.

We got cute international cookies from homecare concepts at work. I liked this Swiss chocolate heart sandwich one the best :)

And I did a photography gig for a friend. This is her tree...edited in traditional red and green.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Looking for something unique for Christmas?

Whenever autumn rolled around..I always gathered up the acorns and could not help but make something with them. When I was younger..I used to clean out the insides and stick little notes inside..capping them and sending them to friends..I was inspired by a faerie book.

I've made necklaces with them and painted them with just about every pattern possible.

This year..I decided to make little personalized ornaments with them!

If you're looking for one..check out my etsy!

Turning 21...

Means I've been on this earth for 21 years..and it means I am officially an adult by American standards. To be honest, I've felt like an "adult" ever since I started working full-time and attending school full-time..and many years before that. So this wasn't much of a big deal for me..but I still felt the need to celebrate in an especially fancy way.

My friend came up to visit for a few days and we ended up going to a french winery that was fairly new and nearby. It used to be an old church and they redesigned the interior.

I love the chandeliers..they look so fancy and french.

My friend and I.

We got a free wine tasting..we tried four reds and four whites. We ended up ordering the Vouvray..a flowery and earthy white wine from France.

We also got free chocolate truffles, homemade biscotti and chocolate covered pomegranates because it was my birthday!

My pretty pose..

Her pretty pose..

More of the fancy interior..with a grand piano!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

This is what I do at work...

We honored World COPD day..being a cardiopulmonary unit..on November 18th. I made all the posters and helped decorate. We ended up raising almost 1000 dollars for the American Lung Association of New York by collecting money from employees so everyone could wear jeans to work on the 17th.

And then after the event..we had so many of course I had to use them!

Drowning in them..ahhh!

Hiding in them..

Flying away with them!

And then my co-worker and I had a photoshoot..hiding behind hydrangeas..

And looking cute..

Being fancy...

Laughing our asses off of course!

Using exercise equipment with an attitude..

Making silly faces..

Being naughty secretaries..

And this is our Christmas card..haha.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ben Lee 2010

On Thursday, November 4th, my friend from work and I saw the adorable Australian musician Ben Lee perform at Stage One in Fairfield, CT.

We got some delicious sushi in Stamford beforehand..

My friend and I..

The opener was Alexa Wilding...whose music I wasn't too fond of. Her lyrics were dry and humdrum..and just about every song sounded the same with a few basic chords. To be honest it reminded me of something I would have heard in high school at one of our literary magazine open mic nights...except worse. Sorry Alexa. I did like your outfit though!

Then along came Ben Lee!

He asked the audience for a nail all seriousness..and my friend happened to have one.

He opened with "I'm a Woman Too"... a song from his new album: The Rebirth of Venus. He also sang favorites such as "Gamble Everything for Love" and "Catch my Disease".

At the end, instead of the following the traditional routine of going behind the curtain and "pretending to leave"...he turned around while the audience cheered for an encore.

He then spun around...looking surprised and shocked that the audience wanted an encore.

And he finished off by unplugging his amp and playing "We're all in this Together" while the crowd sang along.

What a stud.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Hallow's Eve 2010

At work our unit dressed up as the Jersey Shore...the popular reality show on MTV which features a cast of characters who enjoy partying it up and could probably be confused with tangerines:

getting ready with some ultra shiny pink lipstick

fist pumping at the "bar"

Ronnie, Snooki, The Situation and myself (random character)

Other things that happened this weekend...

My friend and I saw The Drums, Neon Trees and Fountains of Wayne at RXP's Masquerade for FREE. We were front and center the whole time too!

We both caught guitar picks from Fountains of Wayne!!!

I also had a regular halloween costume..and this year I was a "doe-eyed deer"

close-up of my makeup...I made the antlers myself by the way..out of clay.

in a "deer pose"..haha

my friend and I being fierce forest friends

she went as a "hipster owl"

Hope you all had a fantastic halloween!!! :)