Saturday, January 15, 2011

Poetry and ramblings..

I was digging through a lot of writing files and found some things I had written in the past year..some thoughts..some rambles..some bullshit poetry:

Last night,
Staring out the car window,
Suddenly my shoes were gone and I was sitting in my thick wool socks on the sofa.
Reminds me of when we were time travelers
Painting your attic.

The rain falls like rockets to the moon but in reverse because they are traveling towards the earth. But they imprint in the puddles like a finger pressed in fresh clay…but instead the puddle absorbs them and they are no longer visible. Just as you left tiny imprints, tiny dents on my heart and being, but this new me, this new healing has absorbed them and they are no more.

This next one is words from you to me. That’s why I can’t relate to it as much as the others. I understand now. But I wish it were really you saying those words. Instead in my mind there is just a dust bunny where your words should be. Where you should be saying these things to me. How do I collect these cobwebs and dispose of the rotten fruit? It reeks of things past and memories I shouldn’t dwell on. If I clean up the mess that encompasses that space, then will there be room for your apology?

And you just squeeze your temples and then release and breathe like giving birth to thoughts you want to get rid of and release..or perhaps thoughts that are now positive and you want to birth them out so you can be born anew. Or squeezing your eyes shut like wringing out a sponge of it’s filth.

I love mining up memories and digging my shovel in places forgotten where the dust hasn’t yet been brushed off.

Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen..

I found this a while ago..and basically I fell in love. Ellie Goulding AND one of Elton John's awesome songs? Amazing. Also the video is really pretty:

Vacation: Florida Keys

Last week I went to the Florida Keys. My friend and I tramped around in a tent for a week jumping from campsite to campsite and sleeping on the gorgeous warm beaches. My current self is very jealous of my previous vacation self...I can't stand all this NY snow.

Here are a few photos from my trip: