Saturday, January 3, 2015

Easy modified chicken and mushroom blinis!

Easy Chicken and Mushroom Blini (modified)

The 1/2 Ukrainian in me wanted to try to make these blinis..but I didn't want the hassle of messing up I used tortillas

1/2 cup cooked chicken..finely chopped
1/3 cup mushrooms...finely chopped
1/4 cup finely chopped celery
1/4 cup fresh spinach..chopped
1/2 cup low fat sour cream
2 tbsp diced fresh dill
5 whole wheat soft tortillas

Cook mushrooms, spinach and celery in a saucepan until browned. Mix into chicken. Let cool for 10 minutes. Add onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Mix dill and sour cream in a separate bowl, add to chicken mixture. Place spoonfuls of filling onto tortillas and fold into wraps. Butter a saucepan on medium heat. Brown blinis on each side.

Yum yum eat! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

My therapeutic crafting story...

Ever since I can remember, I've been crafting. When I was younger, I would collect buttons and beads on the playground and glue them together into collages when I got home. Some people disagree and just say I'm a hoarder. There was something about collecting things and piecing them together to create something of my own.  I loved to paint, to sew, to make little villages with clay. It was a way to express myself but more importantly a means of escape.

Growing up, I always struggled with some sort of anxiety. Most of us do. Being a kid isn't easy. There are a number of events that bring big change and transition in our lives. Our first day of school, going to the doctor, giving a presentation, trying out for a sports team. For the most part, I was able to manage my anxiety so I could get through the day and participate in all I wanted to do. Sometimes I would have a little breakdown or panic attack and it was super embarrassing but my mother would tell me to stop crying and then it was all over. Toughen up, let it out and move on. 

I always figured this was something I'd grow out of, something only kids go through. But as I grew older, and as most of us discover, there are many instances that occur that recreate the amount of stress we can go through as a kid. For me, it was situations like going away to a new school, juggling extracurriculars or interviewing for a new job. My anxiety increased with high stress situations and sometimes it got to the point to where I could not control it or explain it. 

Currently, I have been working full time while completing my master's degree in occupational therapy full time. People warned me not to do it, that it would be extremely difficult and you would have to give up every inch of your free time. I figured it was no problem, I was used to working hard and didn't mind giving up happy hour or spending time with friends. I was determined to get my degree and move forward. Also the added pressure most of us 20-something face today to pay off our student loans was weighing on my shoulders, along with a car payment, insurance, textbooks and if I worked full time at my current job, they would reimburse some of my tuition. 

Lets just say this causes loads of stress and anxiety in my life. Theres a point where you think you can do it and you push and push yourself but we are all human, we are not machines and at some point we are going to break down. My old idea of sucking it up and working through it wouldn't cut it. As many of my friends, therapists, doctors and family had always told me, I needed to find a way to make time for myself, time to escape. 

Just as it worked for me as a child, crafting is my escape, my stress reliever, my time for myself. One particular type of crafting that as been a great relief for me is knitting. 

I actually never learned how to knit as a kid. I ended up learning from one of my coworkers who happened to be an occupational therapist. I had stayed over her house during a snowstorm one winter. We were all sitting in the basement where her grandmother lived. Her grandmother is a master knitter. She knits enormous blankets all year long. I told her that her granddaughter was trying to teach me to knit. We had gone to Michael's before the storm so I had some yarn and needles. So that's how I learned how to knit. 

Of course, it takes loads of patience at first and you will most definitely mess up and probably throw out your first few creations. But aside from being able to create beautiful scarves, it serves as a mindless way for me to create and de-stress. There's something about creating something really nice from something simple like a piece of yarn that is so amazing. While I'm knitting, I'm relaxed and my hands are busy. Sometimes people count to ten when they need to calm down, it's something mindless. The repetitive knitting is calming in a similar way. It's a means of escape and way to release all  my anxiety and stress into the stitches of a scarf. 

So whenever I get a chance, I knit. Before a big exam, I knit. Before bedtime when insomnia kicks in, I turn off the tv and I knit. I can't make anything fancy other than a simple scarf and maybe a blanket, but it's something, and if it keeps me from having a panic attack, I'll keep doing it. 

Currently I am making about five scarves as gifts and I really hope I finish by Christmas!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm back! With summer concoctions! :)

I haven't posted here in has taken me in a different direction. I've been playing more rugby..working out more..and taking summer classes on top of working full time. 

Right now, in the midst of summer, I have been obsessed with trips to Trader Joe's and making healthy (and sometimes extremely unhealthy) but delicious combinations. 

Some of my creations this summer:

Refreshing cucumber, lemon and strawberry infused ice water!

-half a cucumber..sliced
-handful of strawberries..sliced
-2 tablespoons of lemon juice (or half a lemon..sliced)

Fill a mason jar with water and ice, add ingredients..and let sit in the fridge.

These fruit infused waters are so trendy right now..but I definitely understand why! The cucumber and lemon gives it that crisp refreshing taste and the strawberry adds some subtle sweetness.

My 12 inch iced tea (Cucumber honey whiskey iced tea)!

-1 cucumber..sliced
-2 packets of arnold palmer half and half iced tea mix 
-2 liters lemon lime soda
-about 20oz of honey whiskey (or however much you'd like..depending on how strong you like it ;P )

Mix ingredients in a pitcher with ice and enjoy!

This one is my personal summer favorite. I was recently in a bar in hyde park and tried a drink called a Pimm's cup..which is Pimms, cucumber, lemon and soda. I wanted to make a drink that had the similar refreshing taste the cucumber and melon brought, but with whiskey. I was running late to a party with only a bottle of honey whiskey..and while browsing the supermarket for these flavors I found the perfect combination!

The Protein bomb burger!

-1 sunnyside up egg (or poached)
-1 88% lean beef burger patty
-ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, onion powder (cheese if you want)
-1 slice of whole wheat toast
-sliced mushrooms

Cook the egg, put it aside. Cook the burger with the mushrooms, add salt, pepper, and onion powder. Put ketchup and mustard on the toast, place the mushrooms on top, then add the burger patty and then top it off with the egg. 

It's the most delicious combination because it's everything awesome in one package. When you cut the burger down the middle, the egg yolk runs down to cover the burger and when you're done you can dip the toast in it. Ughhh sooo good!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We'll ride the moment 'till I catch you again..

My friend bought a giant bubble we gathered another friend, went out in a field and made some magic!

And here's a lovely song by Zee Avi that makes me think of summer and happiness...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wye Dirty Purity?

Last night, after a 7 hour human anatomy and physiology class..I trekked down to Brooklyn and up the hill to good ol' Prospect park for a kickass summer concert!

I love the park and the area in general..kinda wish I could live's in the heart of all that is musical and artistic..despite being suffocatingly hipster at times..haha.

I've seen Andrew Bird fo free at Prospect park and it was amazing..this show doubled that. 

Megan of Purity Ring looking ridiculously cute 


Jenn of Wye Oak rocking out 

The Dirty Projectors! So talented..

"Stillness is the Move"

I have many many more pictures on my flickr

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 5 things to look for at a wedding

My gorgeous friend/coworker at her wedding yesterday…I took so many

And learned a few things about weddings. 
I ended up hanging out with this one guy who was a friend of the brother of the bride..and he had been to 7 weddings in the past 6 months and was now he said “listen..there’s 5 things you need to look for when you go to a wedding”
1) fancy super expensive ice sculptures
2) the amount of servers and the types of orderves 
He didn’t get the chance to tell me the rest so I figured them out myself as the night went on..
3) the couple who are professional dancers and/or definitely take dance lessons (the often tear up the dance floor..taking it very seriously..showing off..they might even be a random couple off the street that only shows up to weddings to show off their skillz)
4) the underage kid who passes out after two drinks (I was at the bar taking shots of some very weak but tasty liquor (don’t remember the name) and this 17 year old boy had taken one shot and was like “don’t use me as an example..I’m not usually a drinker”..I almost died. He probably passed out an hour later)
5) the shitfaced drunk (member of the wedding party who wears sunglasses the entire night trying to pretend like they are completely sober but their dance moves and crazilly untucked shirt prove otherwise)
A few more pics on my flickr!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reservoir Run

Was feeling really stressed out of those days where one small problem triggers all these other problems and life kinda collapses on you and you feel like you can’t breathe…you feel trapped in life’s stress.
I wanted to go out and window shop or get coffee or something to just get out of the house but my car is having issues so I couldn’t take it…so I felt even more trapped.
I forced myself to go for a run and luckily it was the perfect weather tonight.
Ran down to the reservoir..checked on the row one was there…only the soft lull of cars on the road half a mile away..but aside from that..I was deep into the woods..away from all that could possibly stress me out and surrounded by pureness and freshness that is nature. 
I sat on a rock by the water and looked out upon the water. There were these mountains in the distance and the beginning of the sunset was just peeking over. 
I just sat and thought. And at every moment I felt that lump in my throat like I wanted to cry I just took a deep inhale..and let all my emotions and stress out onto the water..creating small waves that spread further out and wider out into the reservoir..further away from me. 
Then it got too dark so I sprinted back home.
I need to write more..I need to paint more..I need to express myself more..otherwise I am gonna explode someday and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

oh and this is a pic of me doing a mediocre