Sunday, October 9, 2011

Glamour 101: Intro to really awesome red lips

I added a few new lime crime products to my makeup collection recently..the 55% sale definitely helped!

I just recently got Glamour 101, Dragonscales and Nymph. I basically fell in love with Glamour 101. I adore the look of red lipstick and this one is a nice deep wine color. I liked Dragonscales when Xenia gave me a makeover back in winter last year so I figured I'd get it. It's a shimmery mix of brown with a hint of blue..really pretty. Nymph looks nice for everyday added sparkle that's subtle..or it looks nice on a night out as an I bought that as well.

Dragonscales on the lid with Nymph shimmer

Glamour 101

Glamour 101, Dragonscales on the lid and Nymph on the brow bone. Kinda hard to see because of my mono lids..I wish I could figure out a look that would go with them.

Glamour 101 looks great with black and's just so dramatic!

Autumn leaves..

I made a little hair thingy..

Monday, October 3, 2011

A stitch in time

How does one measure a year? Apparently it's 2 meters long..

Time is an invisible factor that is made three-dimensional and tangible by the 365 knitting clock. Developed by the German designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen, the clock consists of a circular knitting mechanism containing 48 needles. With each completion of a day, one round is knitted. Each year the yarn must be changed, leaving a different scarf for every year. Instead of just simply a repetitive cycle around the clock, the mechanism symbolizes the passing of time as an ongoing process.

You could see this as a really clever and artistic way to visualize time, or you could buy a bunch if you're too lazy to make the next year's christmas presents.