Saturday, November 20, 2010

This is what I do at work...

We honored World COPD day..being a cardiopulmonary unit..on November 18th. I made all the posters and helped decorate. We ended up raising almost 1000 dollars for the American Lung Association of New York by collecting money from employees so everyone could wear jeans to work on the 17th.

And then after the event..we had so many of course I had to use them!

Drowning in them..ahhh!

Hiding in them..

Flying away with them!

And then my co-worker and I had a photoshoot..hiding behind hydrangeas..

And looking cute..

Being fancy...

Laughing our asses off of course!

Using exercise equipment with an attitude..

Making silly faces..

Being naughty secretaries..

And this is our Christmas card..haha.