Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We'll ride the moment 'till I catch you again..

My friend bought a giant bubble wand..so we gathered another friend, went out in a field and made some magic!

And here's a lovely song by Zee Avi that makes me think of summer and happiness...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wye Dirty Purity?

Last night, after a 7 hour human anatomy and physiology class..I trekked down to Brooklyn and up the hill to good ol' Prospect park for a kickass summer concert!

I love the park and the area in general..kinda wish I could live there..it's in the heart of all that is musical and artistic..despite being suffocatingly hipster at times..haha.

I've seen Andrew Bird fo free at Prospect park and it was amazing..this show doubled that. 

Megan of Purity Ring looking ridiculously cute 


Jenn of Wye Oak rocking out 

The Dirty Projectors! So talented..

"Stillness is the Move"

I have many many more pictures on my flickr

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 5 things to look for at a wedding

My gorgeous friend/coworker at her wedding yesterday…I took so many pics..lol

And learned a few things about weddings. 
I ended up hanging out with this one guy who was a friend of the brother of the bride..and he had been to 7 weddings in the past 6 months and was now engaged..so he said “listen..there’s 5 things you need to look for when you go to a wedding”
1) fancy super expensive ice sculptures
2) the amount of servers and the types of orderves 
He didn’t get the chance to tell me the rest so I figured them out myself as the night went on..
3) the couple who are professional dancers and/or definitely take dance lessons (the often tear up the dance floor..taking it very seriously..showing off..they might even be a random couple off the street that only shows up to weddings to show off their skillz)
4) the underage kid who passes out after two drinks (I was at the bar taking shots of some very weak but tasty liquor (don’t remember the name) and this 17 year old boy had taken one shot and was like “don’t use me as an example..I’m not usually a drinker”..I almost died. He probably passed out an hour later)
5) the shitfaced drunk (member of the wedding party who wears sunglasses the entire night trying to pretend like they are completely sober but their dance moves and crazilly untucked shirt prove otherwise)
A few more pics on my flickr!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reservoir Run

Was feeling really stressed out today..one of those days where one small problem triggers all these other problems and life kinda collapses on you and you feel like you can’t breathe…you feel trapped in life’s stress.
I wanted to go out and window shop or get coffee or something to just get out of the house but my car is having issues so I couldn’t take it…so I felt even more trapped.
I forced myself to go for a run and luckily it was the perfect weather tonight.
Ran down to the reservoir..checked on the row boat..no one was there…only the soft lull of cars on the road half a mile away..but aside from that..I was deep into the woods..away from all that could possibly stress me out and surrounded by pureness and freshness that is nature. 
I sat on a rock by the water and looked out upon the water. There were these mountains in the distance and the beginning of the sunset was just peeking over. 
I just sat and thought. And at every moment I felt that lump in my throat like I wanted to cry I just took a deep inhale..and let all my emotions and stress out onto the water..creating small waves that spread further out and wider out into the reservoir..further away from me. 
Then it got too dark so I sprinted back home.
I need to write more..I need to paint more..I need to express myself more..otherwise I am gonna explode someday and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

oh and this is a pic of me doing a mediocre bridge..lol

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Andrea Gibson sees all the Lights Dry the River..

I've been going to a few events/ concerts lately..especially in manhattan. 

Excuse the lame combo title of this post..lol.

Here are some updates on a few of them..

Lights at Irving Plaza..

So much awesome energy as always at Lights shows..

Met this girl at the Lights show with a kickass galaxy outfit from Australia..

Andrea Gibson at the Bowery Poetry Club...

She left the audience nearly in tears and speechless..you think her recordings and writings are good..you should see her live!

And most recently..Dry the River at Mercury Lounge..

Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY: Cosmic Galaxy Dress

I am in love with the cosmic galaxy print that has been all over the fashion universe lately. So I decided to take an old dress and make it myself! Heres a few photos and the tutorial video at the end..

Monday, April 16, 2012

Gifts from the sea...

My newest piece...along with many others!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sunny Sanibel

I always love when the warm weather comes around. My skin becomes dead like porcelain during the winter months..and nothing like a bit of ocean water and rays of sun wakes it up better. I like that leathery skin feeling, the little freckles and the golden stripes in your hair.

Although spring is slowly approaching here in NY..I had to get an early escape to florida.

Basically spent four days sleeping on the beach, diving under waves, kayaking through mangroves, biking to the fishing pier and taking nightly dips in the pool. The definition of a vacation.

my perfect breakfast I made

amazingly delicious crab legs

key lime pie!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm so tired..I wish I was the moon tonight..


I've been obsessed with anything cosmic lately. From fashion, to beauty, to art, inspiration is popping up all over influenced by galactic designs.

The cosmos is very inspiring in itself, to think that there are endless possibilities out there as you gaze up into the darkness. There's so much that you will never know...leading so much to the imagination.

Designer Christopher Kane has created a print collection that defines the cosmos in clothing. I am absolutely in love with some of the dresses he's created.

I've also seen a lot of cosmic nail designs floating around lately..so I decided to try it out myself.

I am nothing near a nail art professional..but here's what I came up with.

I first applied a dark navy blue..then piled on and blotted various lighter yellows, whites and mint greens. Then I applied a glittery coat and a topcoat.

I used NYC starry silver glitter, NYC west village, China Glaze re-fresh mint (my all time favorite polish and color btw), NYC french white tip, Sally Hansen flawless and Sally Hansen mellow yellow.

I apologize again for my anything but perfect nails. I consider myself to have "working hands" since I use them often and can't really have fancy nails for work. Being a rugby player doesn't help either..hehe. But I just love the design!