Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Plastiscines

Can I just say that I want to be them?

Friday, December 11, 2009

How to make fun-shaped bokeh!

Ever looked at a photo like the one above and thought "how did they do that?". No, it's not photoshop or any special effects. Believe it or not, the only materials you need to create this fun-shaped bokeh are construction paper of your choice and some tape.

This "filter" works best with large aperture lenses (I used a Canon 50mm F1.8)

1) Cut out a fake lens hood from the paper. Make sure it fits nice and tight around the lens.

2) Punch out or cut out the shape of your choice (ex. Heart) into the center of the filter.


You can try this (it's a bit complicated but it's a little something I created):

Instead of cutting or punching out a shape, cut out a circle that is about an inch in diameter in the center of the filter. Then cut out two thin strips of paper about an inch and a half long each. Tape these two pieces on either side of the hole. It looks like this:

Then, cut out thicker strips of paper that are about 3 inches long, but make the ends not as thick so that they will be able to fit through the strips you just taped to the filter. In the center of the strips, cut out or punch out shapes of your choice. This way, you can have interchangeable shapes for your lens filter! The strips should look like this (I've cut out a heart and a snowflake):

You would attach the shape strips by sliding the ends under the taped strips on your filter. Make sure that the box containing the shape covers the entire circle cut out on your filter as to not let excess light in and possibly distort your shape. It should look like this when attached:

3) Then set your camera to the lowest aperture value...and shoot!


Here are a few more images I've taken using this technique:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Si J'etais un Arbre-an old poem of mine

My legs are buried,
I am stagnant.
My feet and toes soiled.
I feel the grains of soft, brown, moist substance over my skin.
Sometimes small shiny creatures tickle my feet.
They carry many legs and their eyes are of black obsidian.

My skin appears quite dry, but it's merely just a shell.
A piece of armor to protect me from the elements.
From the howling wind and the battering rain.
It's my woolen sweater, my rubber slicker.

My arms are always outstretched.
They do not tire, for they praise the warmth of the sun.
And they reach out to the clouds for their precious rain.
They embrace the small furry long-tailed and the blue-winged.

Out of my fingertips sprout fresh, green and feathery foliage.
And in my hands I hold verdant buds which hide treasure inside.
The treasure in early spring is untouched by the air.
As the months pass, they bloom into streams of color.

In autumn i begin to tire and prepare for rest.
In winter I sleep, although it may seem I am dead.
Then spring will arrive and I thrive and bloom.
In summer I enjoy the sun and the peaceful moon.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Items!

Early Morning

Oh Hallo mornin'. I've missed you since I've been nocturnal.

Things that are unusual are beautiful. Sickly things are beautiful. People who look like spiders with their bony figures are beautiful. I like how the light dances on their bones and webs of skin when it's black and white. Lively, sunshiney things are beautiful. Golds and yellows but not like mcdonald's yellow. Budding greens and fresh cut fields. I forget what it feels like to drift off into sleep without force.

This lady bug needs to calm down. He's in love with the light in my room.

I want a cottage in the woods surrounded by wildflowers. I'd wake up and have morning tea with the sunshine and the sparrows.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I remember the truth...a warm December with you.

Whenever winter comes around..I always listen to this song by Joshua Radin. It's lovely: