Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm back! With summer concoctions! :)

I haven't posted here in has taken me in a different direction. I've been playing more rugby..working out more..and taking summer classes on top of working full time. 

Right now, in the midst of summer, I have been obsessed with trips to Trader Joe's and making healthy (and sometimes extremely unhealthy) but delicious combinations. 

Some of my creations this summer:

Refreshing cucumber, lemon and strawberry infused ice water!

-half a cucumber..sliced
-handful of strawberries..sliced
-2 tablespoons of lemon juice (or half a lemon..sliced)

Fill a mason jar with water and ice, add ingredients..and let sit in the fridge.

These fruit infused waters are so trendy right now..but I definitely understand why! The cucumber and lemon gives it that crisp refreshing taste and the strawberry adds some subtle sweetness.

My 12 inch iced tea (Cucumber honey whiskey iced tea)!

-1 cucumber..sliced
-2 packets of arnold palmer half and half iced tea mix 
-2 liters lemon lime soda
-about 20oz of honey whiskey (or however much you'd like..depending on how strong you like it ;P )

Mix ingredients in a pitcher with ice and enjoy!

This one is my personal summer favorite. I was recently in a bar in hyde park and tried a drink called a Pimm's cup..which is Pimms, cucumber, lemon and soda. I wanted to make a drink that had the similar refreshing taste the cucumber and melon brought, but with whiskey. I was running late to a party with only a bottle of honey whiskey..and while browsing the supermarket for these flavors I found the perfect combination!

The Protein bomb burger!

-1 sunnyside up egg (or poached)
-1 88% lean beef burger patty
-ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, onion powder (cheese if you want)
-1 slice of whole wheat toast
-sliced mushrooms

Cook the egg, put it aside. Cook the burger with the mushrooms, add salt, pepper, and onion powder. Put ketchup and mustard on the toast, place the mushrooms on top, then add the burger patty and then top it off with the egg. 

It's the most delicious combination because it's everything awesome in one package. When you cut the burger down the middle, the egg yolk runs down to cover the burger and when you're done you can dip the toast in it. Ughhh sooo good!