Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

White rabbits are mysterious and gentle creatures. Soft white coats and beady black eyes. Hiding in the snow or burrowing in the brush.

Got my rabbit mask and did a little fall photoshoot.

Speeding cars

October came and went so fast I didn't even realize it. Usually things go by really fast when you are enjoying yourself and my month was so full of awesome activities it just flew by.

I went to my first Lights show, front row and was able to chat with her at the end of the show..it just sucked a bit because the rain was like a waterfall so she couldn't stay long.

I went to the pumpkin blaze and got some really sweet photos.

At work, we dressed as roller derby girls this year and it was kickass.

My regular costume this year was Tank Girl. I originally had fishnets but the weather decided to get really cold really early this year. I made the shirt myself.

I think I've had enough pumpkin spice lattes and spooky stories to last me a while...ready for November...bring it.