Friday, July 8, 2011

The Dog Days

I've been pretty busy this summer so far..went to a bunch of shows..did some travelling and visited tons of friends.

My friend and I started off the summer with graduation parties on long island and a road trip to Montauk. We visited the house from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Beaches in Montauk and Wainscott

It was pretty foggy..

I also went to Governor's ball..which was really really awesome. It was a mini one day music festival on Governor's Island..featuring Reptar, a Passion Pit DJ set, Empire of the Sun, Pretty Lights and tons of other cool bands.

My friend on the ferry...dressed in vintage.

Meeting silly people in the crowds.

Another weekend my friend and I went hiking in Cold Spring on a part of the Appalaichain Trail. We found a survival kit on the way..

We also explored tons of ruins which lined the train..apparently from an old mining village. So pretty with overgrown vines and moss.

I walked the Walkway over the Hudson one overcast morning..

Free Andrew Bird show at Prospect of many concerts this summer..

Posing in front of an insanely adorable mushroom bouncy castle at the Rainbow City Exhibit near the High Line.

The Rainbow City Exhibit!

Erica and I's three tiered mad hatter tray at Alice's Tea Cup.

Me at Alice's.

Erica with her adorable bow at Alice's.

So that's been my summer so far..hope yours is going well!

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