Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hiking up Mt. Marcy

There are 46 high peaks in the Aidirondack mountain region in NY. Mt. Marcy is the king/queen/highest of them all. I had never really been "back-country" camping nor have I climbed either of the high peaks. This was my first time. So if I was going to do any or go at all..then why not go for the biggest one?

My friend and set up camp at Marcy Dam the first night.

On the way up..we freshened up in a stream leading to Indian falls. Mmmmm giardia.

Indian Falls.

We left around 8am and hiked up to the summit. The trail wasn't really difficult..I'd say anyone could do it. But I can't say it was exactly a piece of cake. I'm not terribly in shape but I enjoy a good hike so a few rest breaks were definitely welcomed.

The view was really wonderful. I felt so free!

We ended up getting back down around 7pm. The hike with our packs from the loj was around 2 miles..then the hike up to the summit from Marcy dam was around 5. So in total..around 14 miles round trip.

This is heart lake at the loj.

The second night we had to get away from the dam asap because there was an ironman going on and we had no idea. So basically if we stayed we wouldn't have been trapped there for an extra day due to blocked roads. So we were lucky to find this hidden little camping place at Lake Clear. Which we swam in in the lovely.

Hoooooly shit.

We encountered a few bears..haha

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