Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend update: Andy Kehoe and Gary Baseman

I went to visit my friend in the lovely Manhattan once again..because she's awesome and always has fun ideas for things to do on weekends.

On Saturday, March 5th we went to the Jonathan Levine gallery to see one of her favorite artists..Andy Kehoe..who was having an opening of "Strange Wanderings". I had never heard of him until she introduced me..and I absolutely love his work! The characters in his paintings all had this really cute and unique look to them..and almost every one was covered in leaves and nature-like details. We were also mesmerized by his technique. Here are a few of my favorites:

Love the the cute leaf the autumn colors!

Who could resist a kitty cat with acorns riding on it's back?

And then I was excited to see that Gary Baseman was also having an opening for his "Walking Through Walls" exhibit. I currently follow him on twitter and I was familiar with "Teacher's Pet"..a Disney cartoon that he had created. I recognized his style immediately..a lot of his characters have very distinct eyes and a tiny button nose.

He also did a little speech on how a lot of the exhibit was dedicated to a sad time in his life he was going through because of the death of his father. Hence the morbid themes. He also created a little ghost girl character who went along with his "walking through walls" theme. He gave me a little screen-printed handkerchief of her.

Yeah I'm in my's a silly picture okay?

And this is Mr. Baseman and I.

The next day I did some henna..while watching Benny and Joon.

A cute little bow..

And we went to our favorite place on Mott St...Shanghai cafe. I got this delicious Magic Mocha smoothie.

And we saw the plumpest kitty ever.

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