Sunday, March 13, 2011

A stereotypically fancy artsy fartsy afternoon

My friends were home for spring we decided to drive upstate to Beacon to find this little artsy street I had visited a few years ago but never got to walk down. A previous summer I drove around trying to find it and I never did..and we were finally successful. It was lined with coffee shops and galleries. We gallery hopped a bit..checking out local artists and their openings..snatching bites of fancy cheeses and sips of fancy wines. There was also a pub crawl going on so we had to dodge some crazy drunks.

But along the way..I found this adorable tea room that I couldn't resist. So while one of my friends went to meet with her art school professor who happened to be in other friend and I went to the tea room.

The tea pot had a little cozy on top of it to keep it warm. I got the red chai.

And then there was this little contraption on the pot..which I had never seen before. It looked like something with a hair tie, butterfly clip and a sponge attached at the end. Whatever it did a wonderful job at preventing the lid from slipping off when I poured the tea. It also stopped drippage down the spout.

My friend and her potato leek soup.

I got a tuna sandwich and a bowl of potato leek soup. The plate had a little indent in it for the soup bowl..added adorableness.

It was all delicious and the service was very friendly. Loved the atmosphere and the decorations of course...even the bathroom was cute.

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