Friday, March 26, 2010


The sun has shed its last tiers of light

And now it is time to pass through the tunnel of slumber.

A chill brushes across my spine.

I curl into my snail shell and hide from the blue.

Enveloped in the blankets like a sprout in its bean.

Wrapped in a nest of feathery down.

Soon I will wait for the day when I awaken and bloom.


  1. I like it. I'd say it feels comforting (which it does), but that's a bit obvious.
    Also, you've compared yourself to snails, beans, birds, and flowers... why not bees? Haha. Sorry.

  2. Hmm well I don't know how I can use a bee in a poem about sleeping..maybe like.."the soft lull of the buzzing bees"? Haha no idea.

    This "poem" was really just something I was thinking while trying to sleep last's very spontaneous. I didn't think much about it.