Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flowers - nature's's inspiration.

"From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity."
~Edvard Munch

And here a few pictures of flowers I took when I first got my Canon Digital Rebel XT

Just figured I'd throw this skywriting photo in while I'm digging up old photos. :)

I can't wait for spring so I can make clover chains again. This photo was taken with a simply Kodak point and shoot..nothing special. But the story behind it is that I was in Canada, camping with my family and my sister and I decided to pick every clover from the lawn and make a giant clover chain. We ended up draping it on the fence across the yard. In Ireland they had tiny daisies. Those were nice to make chains with too.

Making tiny faerie trees in a friend's yard during summer.

And old self portrait of mine..a bit bazaar.

And here's a less bazaar old self portrait of mine when my hair was pretty short.


  1. For some reason, when I look at the third to last picture, the contrast and color makes the flowers look like they're somehow perpetually preserved, holding their beauty long after they're supposed to wither. I guess it's the crispness of the picture.
    Also, I like your faerie trees, and your self-portrait... and the rest. hah.

  2. I did add a bit of contrast to it..and I normally like my photos clear and crisp. But in essence a photograph preserves moments so they don't I definitely agree with you on that thought.

    Thanks for the compliments :)