Friday, November 6, 2009

Trail of Trees

Today I took out my mountain bike to the nearby bike trail. It's one of my favorite places. I love going every season to see the changing leaves or the spring flowers blooming along the trailway. My dad used to take my siblings and I every weekend. One time he showed us a black cherry tree. He peeled away the bark on one of the branches to reveal what was called indian gum. It was minty and chewy. I wish I knew what to look for so I could find it again.

I like to go in the direction towards Yorktown. Despite the numerous road crossings, I still think it's the most beautiful way to go. You pass a few parks and still get a decent amount of woodsy trailways. But hands down my favorite part of going that direction is crossing over the croton bridge. When you ride over the wooden boards it's all bumpy and rickety. When I was little I used to go "aaaaaaa" so that it made a silly sound from all the bumpiness. And who can say I still don't do it sometimes? Haha.

This past summer, I saw a few girls cliff diving down below the bridge. That looked like the best idea. One girl was on the edge of the bridge and her friends were yelling at her to jump. Thank god she didn't. The bridge is ridiculously high and she would have definitely gotten hurt.
The bridge is best when it's completely empty though. It's nice and quiet and peaceful and you can sit and look out on the water. Sometimes I see an old man in a rowboat with his rod in the water. Things like that just make me smile.

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