Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Parcel and Presents

I love to give presents. And in return I love to receive presents. But I think I like giving presents and making things for people more than the latter. Sadly I usually don't get anything back whenever I send a package or a letter..sometimes I get a promise of something in return but it's never kept. I don't blame that person. We all have busy lives.

I would like to give the first 4 people who comment on this a present. If you leave your address I will mail it to you. I guess you can call this a bit of early holiday cheer.

Also, check out Minus the Bear. I have just started getting into them and I have fallen in love:


  1. Diana you know I am always excited to get presents from you! In fact maybe you should give me 4 since probably nobody else will comment.

  2. This is Kevin by the way, I didn't realize I was logged into that account.

  3. Aww Kevin thanks for caring. And yeah, I know no one really reads this blog but I figured maybe if I offered free presents someone would be lured in.

    Ah well.

    Maybe you can offer those 3 other gifts to people you know and tell them to follow or comment on this blog just so I don't feel like such a loser..lol.

  4. Kevin told me about this place...

    You're blog title reminds me of the MGMT song "Kids" . Nice looking site, too.

  5. Hay Ben! Do you want a present? lol..