Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leonid's Meteor Shower 2009

Leonids are named after the constellation Leo, the point at which they originate from. Meteors are formed from the streams of comets. They are ejected as the comet's frozen gases evaporate under the heat of the sun. These glowing particles are no larger than a speck of dust. This particular meteor shower is known to be one of the most magnificent. I had to see it!

I waited outside from midnight until about 3am on my porch swing, as the frigid air nipped my nose and froze my fingers, curled up in a polar bear blanket (darn..I should have gotten a snuggie!), patiently waiting for the meteors to fall from the sky.

Maybe it was fatigue, but my weary eyes did not see the star curtain that I had expected. But I took a few snapshots with my camera at about 3am. This is what it picked up:

I don't know..maybe they're just blurry stars?

A burning red sky. It was a bit cloudy though.

They kind of look like flying sperm?

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