Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Have you ever decided to collect something? Maybe it was a few pet rocks when you were a kid, maybe it was baseball cards? I've always been a collector. Ever since I was little I could never walk past something "shiny" or "bright" without picking it up. I actually have a bunch of ziplock baggies full of little treasures I used to pick up on the playgrounds during recess. They were full of literally anything, I think I even have like...tiny doll heads or random pieces of pink plastic in them.

Anyways, recently I've started collecting teacups and teasets. I figured since I want to travel in the future, I could take home a teacup from whereever I decide to go.

This is the teacup I got from Ireland. It's a thin porcelain one with a golden orange hue and handpainted teeny flowers. It was only 7 euro. So how could I resist?

I dated it and wrote the place of origin on the saucer.

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