Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All the Trees of the field will clap their hands..

On a chilly Sunday afternoon, October the 4th, I saw Sufjan Stevens.

He was in the Bowery Ballroom and the show started quite later than I had expected, when the ticket said 7:30 yet he was on stage around 9...after Cryptacize opened for him.

He is just about as wonderful as I had imagined him to be. He has these gorgeous eyes and this heavenly voice and who could resist the banjo?

He played a bunch of his new stuff from the BQE, which had more electronica and rock sounds compared to his older tunes. But I was glad he alternated with what he called "real songs", which were a few of his oldies, including Chicago, The Dress Looks Nice on You, To Be Alone with You, Enjoy Your Rabbit, Casimir Pulaski Day and Jacksonville. After a massive applause he performed an encore #1 of one of my personal favorites, "John Wayne Gacy Jr.". And after leaving the stage for a second time, the applause refused to cease, so he performed a cover of the Innocence Misson's "Lakes of Canada".

I was extremely excited that he chose "Lakes of Canada", because it had been introduced to me by a friend a few years ago as a "secret" cover Sufjan sometimes did. And then later on that same day in Boston, we passed by a guitarist on the sidewalk who played it for us when we requested Sufjan songs.

Anyways, the concert was fantastic and I'll dearly miss Sufjan's beautiful face and forever hold it in my heart. Awww.

Now here's some pictures I snapped of him:

There's plenty more of that deliciousness at my flickr.
Also, here's a video someone else took so you can get a taste of it:

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