Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 5 things to look for at a wedding

My gorgeous friend/coworker at her wedding yesterday…I took so many

And learned a few things about weddings. 
I ended up hanging out with this one guy who was a friend of the brother of the bride..and he had been to 7 weddings in the past 6 months and was now he said “listen..there’s 5 things you need to look for when you go to a wedding”
1) fancy super expensive ice sculptures
2) the amount of servers and the types of orderves 
He didn’t get the chance to tell me the rest so I figured them out myself as the night went on..
3) the couple who are professional dancers and/or definitely take dance lessons (the often tear up the dance floor..taking it very seriously..showing off..they might even be a random couple off the street that only shows up to weddings to show off their skillz)
4) the underage kid who passes out after two drinks (I was at the bar taking shots of some very weak but tasty liquor (don’t remember the name) and this 17 year old boy had taken one shot and was like “don’t use me as an example..I’m not usually a drinker”..I almost died. He probably passed out an hour later)
5) the shitfaced drunk (member of the wedding party who wears sunglasses the entire night trying to pretend like they are completely sober but their dance moves and crazilly untucked shirt prove otherwise)
A few more pics on my flickr!

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