Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reservoir Run

Was feeling really stressed out today..one of those days where one small problem triggers all these other problems and life kinda collapses on you and you feel like you can’t breathe…you feel trapped in life’s stress.
I wanted to go out and window shop or get coffee or something to just get out of the house but my car is having issues so I couldn’t take it…so I felt even more trapped.
I forced myself to go for a run and luckily it was the perfect weather tonight.
Ran down to the reservoir..checked on the row boat..no one was there…only the soft lull of cars on the road half a mile away..but aside from that..I was deep into the woods..away from all that could possibly stress me out and surrounded by pureness and freshness that is nature. 
I sat on a rock by the water and looked out upon the water. There were these mountains in the distance and the beginning of the sunset was just peeking over. 
I just sat and thought. And at every moment I felt that lump in my throat like I wanted to cry I just took a deep inhale..and let all my emotions and stress out onto the water..creating small waves that spread further out and wider out into the reservoir..further away from me. 
Then it got too dark so I sprinted back home.
I need to write more..I need to paint more..I need to express myself more..otherwise I am gonna explode someday and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

oh and this is a pic of me doing a mediocre bridge..lol

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