Saturday, February 11, 2012


The other night Angie and I were lounging around like couch legumes and watching TV after eating a ton of food and this show about a store in the east village called "Obscura" came on. We were so fascinated by it that we sat watching it for over 2 hours..or maybe we were just too lazy to get up but basically it was really really interesting.

The store is kinda like an antique store, but they also sell mummified animals and old medical supplies and whatever weird stuff you can possibly think of. We also found a few of the customers pretty entertaining..haha.

Here's their website and we hope to visit soon:

So today I was kinda inspired by that show in a way to go explore this abandoned farm with my fellow adventurer Cynthia. We had been there before but this time I was looking for a few items in particular..especially something interesting to send my package exchange partner since this month's theme is vintage.

After basically getting attacked by a crazy goose and coming out caked in cobwebs..I collected these items:

A labeled glass medicine bottle..

Another labeled glass medicine bottle..this one filled with effervescent potassium and lithium tablets.

A labeled glass bottle filled with seeds..even though it's labeled silver nitrate.

An old matchbook from a hotel

And a crazy looking persian cat plate along with a crazy cat photo frame.

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