Friday, January 6, 2012

Walking into winter

First of's been an unbelievably warm winter here in NY. The only real snow we had was on halloween..which was completely out of the ordinary. I went up to Montreal for New Years and if you want snow..I would definitely recommend taking a drive up there.

Anyways..Angie won the carousel gloss contest and we tried out her new lip glosses today and had a little photoshoot!

These glosses look really nice, depending on the color you use (I feel certain ones only go with certain skin tones). The applicator is a bit small and the consistency is not what I would have liked (kinda globby and sticky). It took us a few minutes to apply the gloss as it was so thick. But I think this is what makes it so pigmented. Some of the colors stain more than others (candy apple) and we found that loop de loop and kaleidoscope leave a glitter on the lips.

Overall, really pretty bright colors! A bit pricey..but fabulous!

This is Angela wearing "Loop de Loop". A shimmery royal blue.

And this is me wearing "Kaleidoscope"...a deep purple with multicolor shimmer.

And then a few fun ones of posing and jumping around!

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