Sunday, February 27, 2011

In here we can be pure of heart

The times when I have an abundance of exams all at once are often when I find myself getting the most creative...or the most distracted when I really should be studying..rather.

Hours and days of studying without stopping leave my mind craving freedom..and this leads to explosions of creativity.

My mind aches for an escape..because even in sleep I am studying. I wake up from silly dreams about getting some rare disease which I made up in my head because I was studying it the night before for pathology. Or I end up drawing things like this for neuro instead of drawing diagrams of tracts:

I was thinking it'd be cool to create a whole series based on the human body an anatomy through paintings and mixed media. Now only if I had the time..haha. But I am currently working on a series of lung disease paintings. Sadly my procrastination hasn't spared that.

Now I leave you with one of my all-time favorite songs by the awesome Jupiter Sunrise. The title is the name of a character from a book I used to love years back that had to do with faeries and things. I know it's not usually the type of music I post on this blog..but it possesses the same beauty that Ms. Goulding or Mr. Iver can a less "flowery" sense.

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