Saturday, February 13, 2010

How to turn a mountain into a molehill.

How much further until the peak?

You take another step but it feels like you're taking a million.

The windchill is getting too harsh.

Your cheeks are raw and your fingers are numb.

You don't think you'll last in this air.

Or lack of.

And you tell yourself,

What's another step or slip or stumble on a rock,

Compared to the last?

What's another moment you meet with the cliff's edge?

Just finish this one and soon enough you'll be home.

Curled up on the shag rug like a kitten.

Or sipping your cocoa with a bite of cherry pie.

Comfort will return.


  1. nice poem. wtf is up with my posture in your pic tho?! lol

  2. Thanks! It's more like random ramblings..but I appreciate your kind

    And I don't know..I think you're an ostrich tucking it's head in from the cold. Haha.